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Welcome to Thirsty Scholars Partnership your online learning partner for upskilling and gaining new knowledge.

We have a growing library of short eLearning course and formally accredited qualifications. We design learning experiences that are centred around our learners and their busy schedules. There is nothing wrong with classroom training, but we know it can be hard to schedule time to attend, especially with work and other commitments.

Take the stress out of learning and progress at your own time, around your own life commitments. We’ve had thousands of learners expand their knowledge of a wide range of topics. You can do the same.

Start a course with us and learn at your own pace in your own time.

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Teaching & Learning
Health & Safety
Safeguarding & Compliance

Distance learning

You have two options when it comes to gaining a formal qualification. You can either go to college and attend lectures or study from home via distance learning.

Sure, we may be biased but we believe that studying from home gives you more flexibility to study at a time that suits you. If you are working or have a busy schedule, having to make it to lectures can be difficult.

Why not take ownership of your studies? Grab yourself a brew and access our online learning platform to gain a qualification that will further your career.

With all our distance learning courses you gain access to a dedicated and experienced personal tutor who will help guide you through.

Our specially designed online learning management platform allows you to access your courses any time, any day. So when life interupts, you can pause and go back to them whenever you like.

Our intuitive learning management allows you to save your progress on one device, and pick it up again on another. You can truly take your courses at your own pace, wherever you are.

Help further your career and take courses that schools and employers hold in high regard. Gain nationally recognised certificates in a range of disciplines.

We’re happily regulated by Ofqual, so you know you are in good hands with our courses, staff and certifications.

Spread the cost with interest free monthly payments, no credit checks needed!

Flexible learning at your fingertips Flexible learning at your fingertips All our courses are mobile friendly and available on any device. All our courses are mobile friendly and available on any device


Learning doesn’t have to mean sitting through an 8 hour PowerPoint presentation. It can be a quick 3 minutes watching a video on your mobile, reading through an infographic or completing short interactive quizzes.

There are two types of courses that can be found in our growing library of eLearning courses:

  1. Compliance courses – To meet certain requirements, organisations’ employees must be trained in a few critical areas such as safeguarding and health and safety.
  2. Personal development – In our careers we want to grow and succeed, the only way to do that is through learning. We will continue to add more personal development courses aimed at upskilling and driving performance.

The benefits

Complete your courses in bite-sized chunks, on the train, bus or plane! (Wifi dependent).

Our courses are fully functional on mobile devices. Access them from anywhere with your trusty handset, as well as on tablets and desktops.

Access your courses at a time that is convenient to you, any time, any day.

Learn with a blend of rich media methods, including videos, animation, audio and interactive tasks.

Join a community of learners and peers and discuss the topics, courses and progress.

Improve your CV by completing courses and achieving CPD accredited certifications at the end.

All our courses have been written and prepared by industry leading subject matter experts. You can be safe in the knowledge that the lessons are of the highest standard.

Course – Level 3 certificate in supporting teaching and learning

Thirsty Scholars have given me step by step guidance through this course, with the outcome being very positive. My tutor was only ever an email away and was very responsive so I never had to wait for help. It has been a much better option than going back to college.

Abbie G, Preston